Coronavirus Update for Clients

We proud ourselves on consistently being able to offer individual solutions for individual clients, which is especially relevant during these uncertain times. If you require help or a consultation on how to manage temporary work, please call your local branch for a consultation. We can offer virtual meetings, phone calls, almost any type of online consultation to ensure we meet your business needs during this time.

We have implemented new measures to ensure the continued safety of our staff, clients and temporary workers throughout the pandemic. The sections below detail the processes we have put in place.


Direct Staff

We have created new policies to ensure all of our staff are as protected as possible whilst still being able to help supply key sectors.

  • Working from home
  • New data protection policy
  • Temporary closure of physical branch
  • Limited social interaction
  • Restricted travel
  • Helpful information and advice sent out including government recommendations for staying safe

We have also introduced mandatory self-quarantine procedures and kept our consultants up to date with the daily advice coming from Public Health Agency of Canada and Public Health Ontario. This means are consultants are well positioned to support workers, advise clients and keep themselves safe.

Temporary Workers

workers to follow social distancing guidelines. We are currently implementing the following measures:

  • New online recruitment campaign
  • Online registrations
  • Use of video/virtual interviewing
  • Online screening process
  • Electronic document checks
  • WhatsApp contact to support inductions

For a detailed guide on how we are supporting temporary workers, please click here.


Client Sites

We have worked with many of our clients to introduce specific measures to suit our client’s workplaces and needs. If you need help applying the current guidelines to temporary workers, please call your local branch for a consultation.

Find your local branch here.

Temporary Workers on Assignment

We keep in regular contact with all of our workers to carefully monitor their situation and do our best to keep everyone safe. We have instructed staff to ask workers whether they have travelled to restricted areas, experienced any symptoms or whether anyone in their household has experienced symptoms and to send them home immediately if so. This is alongside any client-specific measures that have been agreed.


Our procedures are in line with the most recent government and public health official’s advice. We have implemented a series of procedures to ensure continued supply to key sectors whilst aiming to keep clients and workers safe. These include:

  • Regular identification of those exposed
  • Mandatory self-quarantine measures
  • Client-specific measures
  • Thorough interview/screening process


If our site was put on lockdown for the virus would you still supply staff?

We do not believe that it would be in accordance with our legal duty of care to our workers to send them to sites that have been locked down due to a coronavirus outbreak. We would wait for Government advice that the site was safe following a deep clean.

Q. Are you supplying additional PPE?

A. The World Health Organisation and Public Health Ontario does not currently recommend PPE for controlling the Coronavirus other than for workers in the healthcare sector caring for patients with Covid-19.

Q. Who should I speak to about any Coronavirus-related problems?

A . You should speak to your local branch who will be able to advise you of current best practice. All our consultants stay up to date with government guidelines and advice.