Why The Best Connection

At The Best Connection Inc. we understand the dynamics of the employment market. We are a reputable temporary services provider with a history working whithin many verticles. 

  • Experience in Industrial Sector
  • Full Service recruitment
  • Temporary labour support on a timely basis
  • Local pool of candidates
  • Synergies with its clients and delivers core values
  • 24-hour service
  • Staff Training
  • In house legal team
  • Experts in our field
  • Proven track record

Temporary Workers

By the time a temporary worker starts work for you, they have already undergone a series of interviews and briefings so that their duties and responsibilities are fully outlined and understood. These comprise important processes and details such as consultant’s contact details, conduct at work and communicating with the branch, reporting damaged goods, health & safety, time sheet procedure, working time regulations and payment details. Equipped with this knowledge from day one helps to develop a fast and productive relationship.

Recruitment Process

We believe that the recuitment process is an essential part of an agency's service to its clients. 

All documentation is gathered and verified and then photocopied for employee file. Copies are signed and dated by the consultant to verify documents. Our interviews are essential to build upon information gathered during the registration process and to assist in making the correct job match. Probing questions and a behavioural style questions are used to gather information. Based on these assessments and details our experienced consultants will make an evaluation on the associates suitability.

By laying solid foundations we decrease potential issues, reduce turnover and increase production at our client sites.

Benefits offered to temporary personnel

All assignment employees are covered under provincial laws governing overtime pay, vacation pay, public holiday pay, hours of work, hours free from work and eating periods. All associates are paid weekly; an option of direct deposit or cheque is available.

  • safety and training orientation include the following:
  • health & safety at work – prevention starts here
  • whims training
  • hand book given to all associates
  • violence in the workplace
  • right to refuse unsafe work
  • provide term and task with appropriate ppe required
  • correct lifting
  • ergonomics
  • health and safety 4 steps prevention starts here